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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing model and how to pay?

By operating on a fixed fee basis, everything is agreed in advance, and you know exactly what you’re paying for. No surprises, no extra charges for letters, emails, or phone calls.

Some clients pay by monthly direct debit which helps with their cash flow. Some choose to pay upfront; you can do which option suits you. 

An initial discovery call helps to understand exactly what your business needs are and what bespoke package will work best for you.

What do your packages include?

All our prices include a dedicated accountant to work with you to truly understand how your business works and what your goals are. By looking at where improvements can be made, together we'll work to achieve these goals and look at where improvements can be made to develop, grow and build your entity.

We will help to minimise your tax liability and ensure all compliance deadlines are met to avoid fines and penalties. 

We can arrange monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews so you can understand exactly how your business is doing. 

Where is JP Accountancy based?

JP Accountancy is based in Lowestoft. However we can accommodate clients anywhere in the UK. We can connect with you effectively wherever you are located with technology or alternatively we can meet locally.

Is it difficult to switch Accountants?

Not at all, just let us know your previous accountants' details and we can do the switching over process for you.

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